Friday, June 5, 2015

Support - we can't do it without you!

Support - we can't do it without you!
Without a doubt, we could not save dog and puppy lives without the financial support of the community... Adoption donations seldom cover the amount of money we have invested in any dog, especially if there are high vet costs involved in getting them back on their feet and ready to be adopted...
The easiest way to join the cause of helping to save dog and puppy lives is to set up a monthly tax deductible donation via your credit card through our PayPal account... And there are just SO many ways to do it!

  • I am giving up one Starbucks a week to help save a dog's life! Donate $20 a month 
  • I am donating enough to do one puppy's most needed puppy vaccines to help prevent them from getting very sick as they grow up! Donate $48 a month 
  • I believe in spaying and neutering your pets to help in the cause of No-Kill in our county.  Please speuter a rescue animal this month on me! Donate $60 a month 
  • Save one dog a month for me! Donate $100 a month 
  • Feed a nursing momma dog through the 8 weeks of giving her puppies mommie's milk!  Donate $167 a month 
  • Give a senior dog the gift of extended life - please do a dental on a senior dog for me!  Donate $252 a month 
  • Goodwill Ambassador - Save 5 dog lives a month for me! Donate $500 a month 
  • I want to be a TLC Guardian Angel!  Donate $1,000 a month 

Select your level of commitment with the drop down menu below and then hit the button - it is just THAT easy to help save a dog or puppy's life each month at TLC!

Monthly donations

Tax Deductible

TLC is a 501c3 nonprofit, registered with both the I.R.S. and the State of California as a charity (26-4639832).  As such, your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of our tax code and regulations.  Seldom do we have enough funds to cover all of the expenses TLC incurs to save these dogs and bail them out of high kill shelters, get their medical needs attended to and just simple board and care.  Any and ALL donations are GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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