Friday, February 1, 2013

New arrival at TLC - Miracle!

Miracle was hit by an automobile and brought into a L.A. shelter on January 23rd.  His back left leg was in such bad shape, they had to do an amputation the next day.

How can  you resist that face, still full of love and trust
despite what has happened to him?

He was really in bad shape all the way around - nasty road rash abrasions on his remaining 'good' leg, abrasions on his face, etc.  But we received SO many emails, asking us to save this little guy, I just couldn't say no any longer.  I put out a call for a foster and Diane stepped up to help.

Surgery after 6 days

With that, and the help by Rene and Mindy Schnider (who pulled, overnighted and then transported Miracle to the rescue shop), another little one's life has been saved.
Being transported to the rescue shop
in Simi Valley, run by TLC and its volunteers.


You can see his back right leg still has some nasty,
road rash and abrasions that need to heal.

And well worth saving, ya know?  Miracle has quickly learned to walk on three legs and also seemed to not be bothered by meeting a cat at Mindy's home either!  This is the stuff that rescues do... volunteers going above and beyond to save a small dog's life!