Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let's talk about....


PandaBear came to us from the streets and initially she trusted no one whether they were four footed or two.  She had no reason to trust us humans for she'd been left on the streets and suffering from flea dermatitis - COVERED in fleas (and probably for years), she'd managed to remove all of her fur from the waist down... Basically, wherever she could chew and scratch, she did.

After months of treating her medically, even the areas the vets say would not have fur later now do.  Her white eyelashes are absolutely precious!

But an even greater change was in PandaBear's personality!  Every morning when I walk her, she is FULL of life and happy, happy, HAPPY!  

And for any person that approaches, she has a wagging tail and a friendly disposition to show them.  In fact, I think the legs are directly connected to the tail, for I have yet to see her walk when the tail is not wagging back and forth!

For all the folks who insist their next adopted dog MUST be potty trained, PandaBear is the ticket!  As long as she gets out in the morning and then again in the evening, she will NOT have a mistake.  I am absolutely amazed at how well this dog has gone from living in the streets to being a beloved TLC rescue dog!

PandaBear has learned a new trick - it is called "army crawl".  Probably because her belly is still itchy at times, she's learned to crawl along on the rough surface of the parking lot at the mall.  

Seeing it, we encouraged her to do it on command - even one trick might just get her the furever home she wants and deserves!

PandaBear has been waiting patiently for her new furever home.  She is still learning to get along well with other small dogs, but if someone does not have any dogs, they won't find a better or more loving dog to adopt!