Thursday, May 8, 2014

Isabella... It is Pitty time!

Despite TLC not really set up for saving the big dogs, in 2013 we made it part of our mission to save at least one Pitty per month throughout the year.  Our most recent save is "Isabella", an absolute magnificent Blue & White Pitty female, approximately 3 years old.

I first spotted Isabella when four of us TLC volunteers went through VCAS volunteer orientation at the Simi Valley facility.  You cannot look at this dog and not appreciate power, intelligence and an overall appreciation of what self esteem is all about.  I was amazed to find that Isabella already had the beginnings of obedience training, but found herself in the shelter system... someone must have loved this dog to give her the basic foundation of a good canine citizen.  I always wish these dogs could talk to tell us their back story and how they ended up the way they did, but for us in rescue, each dog becomes a jigsaw puzzle we slowly put together.

Initially Isabella did not walk well on lead at all - she listened to you, she knew 'Sit' but she had just too, too much high energy on lead.  The TLC volunteers fixed that quickly with a prong collar and dedicated, working walks throughout each day.  BTW, Isabella is potty trained.

Recently I took her out on a walk and once again, I was amazed with Isabella's rapid progress.  I already knew she was a lap dog (or so she thought she was) as I'd been 'lap sitted 60 pounds worth' several weeks ago.  So before we got in the cuddles, we put in the work to earn them.  Beyond 'Sit', Isabella also knows 'Up' (as in up into a car, up onto a bench or sofa, etc.) and rapidly learned 'Off' (the reverse).  If the initial high energy is already spent on the walk, she will do a good 'Stay' for you... not quite a long stay yet, but possible.  We also started working on 'Shake' and Isabella is right-pawed (a sign of intelligence and ALWAYS looked for in guide dogs, therapy dogs, etc.).  However, she is also cross-pawed, so this is NOT the dog for the novice dog owner.  Isabella will blossom under someone's ownership who already knows this breed.  She still needs training and is a cat-chaser we are told.   Isabella still has a LOT of puppy in her and while she does not react to small kids in the rescue shop, she can EASILY knock over small toddlers without intending to.

Of course, even with my own Boxer/Pitty, due to the immense power and strength, in my own opinion none of the Bully breeds should ever be left alone with children and no adult supervision.  Although Isabella is housed with a lot of small dogs at the rescue shop and does not react to them there, she still reacts to other dogs on lead outside.  Again, it is a matter of training and an owner's commitment to the furever life of any adopted dog or cat.

Isabella is spayed, up to dates on her vaccines including rabies, microchipoed and if you are a Ventura County resident, will be licensed prior to adoption.  If you are interested in adopting Isabella, please put in an adoption application online at

And if Isabella is not the dog of your dreams, the rescue shop does not have it, PLEASE visit our county shelter at either Camarillo or Simi Valley.  You can visit their website at and they now have extended hours (11AM to 6PM at both facilities).

There are SO many pets awaiting their furever home - wouldn't it be a great feeling to know you insured their life by adopting them?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Success Story! RobRoy (now Ludo)

Adam just updated us with some new photos of a puppy he adopted from us recently.  RobRoy (now Ludo) looks like he is grinning in each of the photos.  what gorgeous pup!  He looks SO happy....

From Adam:

"Ludo (formerly Rob Roy) is doing great. He's seven pounds now. He recently went on a trip with us to Arizona and loved it. We're starting to think that the mystery father was Jack Russell Terrier instead of Chihuahua."